Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Last Wish of Summer Book Launch

"You only get one opportunity to launch a new book, so you may as well do it in style."

After three years of writing, editing, submitting, revising and finally more editing, yes, three years work for what is now officially my third book, the last thing a writer wants to do when it comes to their own book launch is rush things.

Timing they say is everything. That is why movies are released for the busy holiday season and so many books are out in time for Christmas. With summer in Australia about to come to an end, it seemed fitting to launch my book while the memory of another long, hot summer still lingered pleasantly in people's minds. With Last Wish of Summer being set in the fictional town of Kings Beach, it seemed logical to engage the local community of Caloundra in the book's release. After all, the book was the result of the four years I had spent in Caloundra where the main beach in town is called, you guessed it, Kings Beach. So thanks to the support of the local businesses in town that I was able to canvas into sponsoring the event, Last Wish of Summer will get the book launch it deserves.

Magical early mornings at the beach, lazy lunchtimes spent escaping the midday heat in the cool confines of a cafe and lingering afternoons enjoying the last waves of the day before the sun sets over the mountain ranges. It sounds just as perfect a way to describe another summer in Caloundra as it does the setting for my latest book. In many ways the two are intricately fused together. Coupled with the excitement of another book release, I wish that this moment would last forever. But if my own writing has anything to teach me, then I'd better be careful what I wish for. Welcome to the last day of summer at Kings Beach.

ISBN: 9781310881619
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