Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Rag Doll Cafe - now open

There are some moments you look back on as an author with a great sense of achievement. This is one of those moments. Almost two years in the making, The Rag Doll Cafe arrives today as both my fourth novel, a sequel to Last Wish of Summer and an extraordinary book in its own right. It is my first novel available solely in eBook form only, and priced at $2.99 I'm sure it will be a book well received by curious readers looking for some feel-good holiday humor.

For the first time I can recall, I found myself at a loss at how to launch my new book. Last Wish of Summer was a local affair at Amici Cafe in Caloundra with a packed cafe, canape's and a lot of media interest. Before that, A Walk Before Sunrise was followed up with a book tour to Sydney and even my debut novel The Long Way Home drew at packed house at Riverbend Books & Teahouse in Brisbane, way back in 2007. But The Rag Doll Cafe? Just how do you host a book launch for an eBook when the thought of having someone scrawl their signature in black permanent marker across the screen of their iPad has them running in the opposite direction?

Fortunately my plan didn't call for one. After travelling many miles up and down the east coast of Australia promoting and speaking about my latest book, The Rag Doll Cafe becomes my first novel to undertake its own journey. There will be no book tour, no library appearances and no standing outside bookstores while people curiously wonder if they've seen me somewhere before. With plans for more novels and some other exciting writing projects nipping at my heels, its kind of nice to be slipping into a feeling of elusiveness. The Rag Doll Cafe is a funny yet philosophical take on searching for a place to fit in. The Rag Doll Cafe could be absolutely anywhere. You could be sitting at that cafe right now. I could be the person who has just paid for his coffee and is walking out the door.

Perhaps there is nothing more to say other than The Rag Doll Cafe is now open. Come inside, settle back with a drink and get ready to read a book like you've never read before. And as for that book launch? I've timed the release of this book for 9.30 a.m. on the 30th November, 2013 for one very good reason. I'll be the one with a smile on my face as my flight climbs high above the Pacific Ocean headed for New Zealand. I will have become that elusive writer.

ISBN: 9781310262838
The full length novel is only $2.99 through the following retailers


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