Thursday, 22 January 2015

Twice Around The Block - Poetry Renewed

Sometimes taking a second look at things is enough to renew enthusiasm for something we'd lost interest in. In the case of my recently re-released book Twice Around The Block, it was a matter of taking a second look at a collection of poetry that had been around for two decades.

Following on from my previous poetry book Things We Once Loved, this collection of 24 poems were carefully selected to follow a theme of changing times and a growing awareness of the world at large. Just as everyday items become antiques over time, the poems inside this collection have taken on an entirely new meaning with the passing of 25 years. With most of the poems within originally penned between 1989 and 1991, I compiled this book in 2011 with a renewed sense of enthusiasm realising that it contained many of my favourite pieces. Included inside are some poems that were previously published in literary magazines or the recipient of small awards here in Australia. To top it off, each poem has been carefully selected from my collection of work and placed in order so as to unfold over the course of a day from sunrise to sunset and presented with a new for 2015 book cover, as part of my set of four poetry collections.

ISBN: 9781465890061
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