Monday, 4 May 2015

Four Sides to Squares: Poetry Revived

Sometimes a new approach to an old subject is all that is needed to revive life into an idea you thought was long dead. That certainly was the case with the fourth installment of my poetry collection I released back in 2012. Four Sides to Squares was predominantly the result of finding an entire box full of typed unfinished manuscripts of poems I had started, yet somehow couldn't finish two decades earlier. So after sharing a bottle of wine by the campfire with my wife while reading through each and every one, the poems I believed I could apply a new approach to were put aside, while the rest were scrunched into little balls and thrown into the fire.

Re-working, revising, renewing or reviving.... whatever you'd like to call it really, has an added benefit when writing poetry. Especially the kind that had sat in a box for more than twenty years. There's extra twenty years knowledge, insight and experience with what has worked in the past, and what can now work in the future behind the eyes of the person whom wrote it. Instead of looking at something that had been confined to a box, I was now able to see all four sides of what was once containing it in a pigeon-hole of unfinished business. So the finished collection Four Sides to Squares became a body of work spanning more than two decades.

A contemporary collection of 24 poems that explores a sense of change, time and purpose, the book somehow reads as an honest portrayal of growing up, growing old and hopefully growing wiser along the way. There are hidden moments of philosophical wisdom packed into an often brutally amusing sense of honesty, exploring themes I knew the questions to twenty years earlier, but only now knew the answers to. I doubt that I shall ever pen another collection of poetry written purely from both a before and after perspective ever again. Each poem not only survived twenty plus years in the solitude of a box, but an evening campfire of honest reflection. I hope you enjoy reading Four Sides to Squares as much as I enjoyed reviving it.

ISBN: 9781465930187
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