Monday, 15 October 2018

Behind the yellow line

Behind the yellow line marks the first time I have released an unannounced book. With no pre-warning, fanfare or book launch, the finished samples of my latest full colour railway photo book arrived in my letterbox on Friday, and was available to order online Saturday. The 8" x 10" inch book is the first of two full colour books that will draw the curtains on the series of railway books that I have been writing and producing since 2014.

The premise of the book is simple. It is a compilation of twenty-six favourite images I've taken of railway stations here on the east coast of Australia that are still in use today. Limited to 56 pages, the 20 cm x 25 cm premium colour book has been kept to an affordable $24.95 Australian dollars price-tag. Its' follow-up will be a similar book featuring my best photographs of forgotten railway stations that are no longer used, and stand either abandoned or beautifully restored in their final resting place. It can be expected early in 2019, but before then I will have the third Last Train instalment ready for release in time for Christmas. While I haven't ruled out adding any further railway photo books to my stable in the future, the expense of producing Last Train to Bunbury is already shaping as a huge loss for me, meaning that any similar book would only be something I'd be prepared to explore in detail a decade from now.

The angles of the railway stations that I've photographed in behind the yellow line are artsy, interesting and ooze atmosphere. For each image the stations are the focus of the subject matter, with the common theme throughout being the presence of the yellow line painted on the platform of both familiar and obscure Aussie railway stations. Each station featured inside occupies a double page spread, with a thin text strip to the side including a brief bio showing the opening date and location of each station. The book is a project I have been working on for the past four years, and would also make a great reference book for readers interested in railway history or as a source book for model railroaders.

Once more the book is available through, Apple's iTunes bookstore and specialist railway bookstores. Watch for some images from within the book to be shared here on my blog in the coming weeks. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy my Lineside Liaisons posts featuring some pics from my previous books here.


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