Monday, 15 December 2014

Train Tripping Eastern Australia

The trip from Brisbane to Sydney by train is one that I had made many times in the past. Having concentrated my writing endeavours on penning four novels between 2005 to 2013, the idea to write on the subject of train travel was an idea that just wouldn't go away. So after taking a break from writing fiction in 2014 to release a travel guide titled Train Tripping Coastal Queensland, I decided to follow-up by writing a second guide to riding trains Down Under. Train Tripping Eastern Australia.

It seems ironic that what was intended as a side project of mine should result in two Bestselling eBooks within the space of two months. Alright, I know I'm only talking about Railroad and Travel Reference genres here and not the New York Times Bestseller lists. But for someone who has had a lifelong interest in trains the satisfaction of overseeing the entire project myself and briefly outselling all the Lonely Planet guides left me more than a little chuffed, (pardon the pun).

The XPT has long been one of my favourite trains. Based on British Rail's High Speed Train, the XPT still operates out of Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, to places such as Melbourne, Dubbo, the NSW North Coast and Brisbane. The focus on my Train Tripping Series of books however aren't the trains but rather the journey itself. My window seat guide is designed to be downloaded onto your tablet, iPad or smartphone and provide the reader with a humorous yet informative guide to what they might see from the window of a train. Even if you are only dreaming of one day making the trip by train along Australia's east coast, the books still read like any great story.

So what happens when you cross a Purple Wiggle, a Hollywood Gladiator, a dolphin named Zippy and Her Majesty The Queen of England? You get this 1,850 km self-guided railway adventure that is the perfect travelling companion for appreciating Australia's east coast from the window of a train. While making a stopover in Coffs Harbour on one of Australia's most overlooked train journeys, the Brisbane to Sydney XPT, I'm about to turn your train trip into a real railway adventure of your own. So welcome aboard my second Train Tripping adventure. Train Tripping Eastern Australia. I'm sure you're going to enjoy the ride.

ISBN: 9781310126130
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