Monday, 25 June 2018

Lineside Liaisons #24 Lowanna

Beautifully restored Lowanna Railway Station, high in the hills on the old Dorrigo Line.

For the final look inside my book Last Train to Grafton, I've included this photo from up in the hills of the New South Wales North Coast. Lowanna Railway Station, (located between the former North Coast Line junction station of Glenreagh and the mountain terminus of Dorrigo), is one of those beautifully restored former railway stations that you rarely come across anymore. Sitting in its original location, tucked away from the world in the hills northwest of Coffs Harbour, this stunning railway station owes its condition to the volunteers of the Glenreagh Mountain Railway. Despite plans to restore the entire line to operating condition repeatedly running into trouble, the station inspired me to write the poem 'Trains that never come' to accompany the many full colour photos featured in Last Train to Grafton.

Next up, I will begin sharing some of the stunning images I collected while back-tracking my way through southwest Western Australia over the summer of 2017/2018 from my forthcoming book Last Train to Bunbury, due later this year. And fingers crossed, there may just be a fourth and final Last Train instalment to follow close behind it. Stay tuned!

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