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Non-fiction - (photography/poetry)

Last Train to Brisbane (2017) ~ ISBN: 9781389899409
Combining hauntingly beautiful photographs with classic Australian railway bush poetry, Last Train to Brisbane takes a nostalgic romp through Brisbane's scenic rim in search of what remains from our railway past. From Gympie through the Mary and Brisbane Valleys, and onto the Southern Downs city of Warwick, poet and Award-Nominated railway adventurer Phillip Overton takes his lifelong love of the rails on the road. The result is this tribute to the small country towns where it was once possible to catch a train to Brisbane. 56 pages. $24.99 AUD

Last Train to Grafton (2017) ~ ISBN: 9781389410505
The Northern Rivers region is full of railway ghosts from yesteryear. This poetic journey through the New South Wales North Coast combines hauntingly beautiful photography with classic Australian bush poetry. Winding through the Brisbane Border Ranges, exploring the abandoned Murwillumbah Line through Byron Bay and onto the mountain town of Dorrigo, this book is a poetic tribute to the towns and places where it was once possible to board a train to Grafton. 56 pages. $24.99 AUD

Last Train to Bunbury ~ ISBN: TBC (coming in 2019)
The South West corner of Western Australia was once home to some of the most remote and rugged railways in the country. The hauntingly beautiful photos in this collection take the reader on another classic Aussie bush poetry romp. From the shores of Busselton to Flinders Bay, and onto the forests of Pemberton, this book is a tribute to the towns and ports of Australia's South West, where it was once possible to board a train to Bunbury. 56 pages. $24.99 AUD

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Non-fiction - (photography)

30 Years Chasing Trains (2016) ~ ISBN: 9781367592865
Three decades after first picking up a camera to photograph trains, Award-Nominated author and railway adventurer Phillip Overton set out to explore the railway lines of Australia's east coast. The result was this photographic memoir of a train chaser covering the period from 1986 to 2016. The 124 full colour photographs presented in this book provide a colourful insight into Australia's ever-changing railway landscape. 100 pages. $34.99 AUD

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Non-fiction - (travelogue)

Train Tripping Coastal Queensland (2014) ~ ISBN: 9781389309724
What happens when you cross a sign writer who can't spell, a tribe of cannibals, two Prime Ministers and a Chinaman who gives a massage like no other? You get this 3,362 km self-guided railway adventure that is the perfect travelling companion to appreciating Queensland's coast from the window of a train. Nominated for the 2015 Global eBook Awards. 72 pages. $7.99 AUD

Train Tripping Eastern Australia (2014) ~ ISBN: 9781389309601
What happens when you cross a Purple Wiggle, a Hollywood Gladiator, a dolphin named Zippy and Her Majesty The Queen of England? You get this 1,850 km self-guided railway adventure that is the perfect travelling companion for experiencing Australia's east coast from the window of a train. 78 pages. $7.99 AUD

Train Tripping Around Melbourne (2015) ~ ISBN: 9781389309571
What happens when you cross 83 brightly coloured bathing sheds, a much-travelled cottage, a band from Little River and a 9 story shot tower? You get this 365 km self-guided railway adventure that is the perfect travelling companion for exploring Melbourne by tram and from the comfort of a train window. 84 pages. $7.99 AUD

Train Tripping Around Sydney (2015) ~ ISBN: 9781389308970
What happens when you cross Skippy the bush kangaroo, a mysterious Aboriginal legend, the ghost of Sydney's Harbour Bridge and a man they couldn't hang? You get this 592 km self-guided railway adventure that is the perfect travelling companion for exploring Sydney from the comfort of a train. 90 pages. $7.99 AUD

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Fiction - (full length novels)


Last Wish of Summer (2012) ~ ISBN: 9781310881619
As the sun prepares to rise on the last day of summer, three friends find themselves totally unprepared for the events that are about to take place around them. For Tanya, it is a chance to find peace three years after losing her parents in a car accident. Deciding she simply can't continue blaming God for taking her parents away, she writes a heartfelt poem, places it in a bottle and throws it into the sea on the eve of her birthday, granting her birthday wish to whoever finds it. Only it washes straight back into shore where it is discovered by her best friend Anton and his buddy Johnno.

Armed only with surfboards and an eclectic sense of imagination, the two wishful young men set about putting the bottle to the test. When Johnno appears to have fallen for the new waitress at the cafe where Tanya works, it stirs up feelings of jealousy in Tanya that she didn't know existed. Surely Johnno couldn't be the man God had in mind for her. Or is he? Suddenly strange wishes are beginning to come true and soon enough the whole town is involved. But is it all just a strange coincidence? Welcome to Kings Beach, where the forecast for the last day of summer promises to be hot, hot, hot with a definite change in the air. 281 pages. $2.99 US

The Rag Doll Cafe (2013) ~ ISBN: 978131026838
Winter is here, but something is about to hit Lighthouse Bay harder than any summer storm! Anton Rubinski has just left town. The door it seems has closed on a summer friendship forged over a bottle that granted he and his friends' every wish come true. Now with no job, no friends and no reason to stay, he heads south on the highway surfing at any beach he finds.

Pastor Mike Gantry may have just wished his Church away. A month after finding a bottle washed up on the shores of Lighthouse Bay, almost every wish he had made for the members of his ailing congregation has come true. Only he never pictured his wish to retire to result in the doors of his small Church having to close for the last time. So what happens when a dread-locked surfer arrives in Lighthouse Bay on the morning of the final Church service? When Pastor Mike learns that Anton was the last person to have found the bottle, is it an answer to prayer? Or does it go down like a bad smell in Church? This truly odd couple are about to learn that when one door closes, another always opens. And you never, ever judge a book by its cover. Welcome to The Rag Doll Cafe, where the coffee is hot, the weather is not, and the conversation is not what you expected. 222 pages. $2.99 US

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Fiction - (poetry)

Things We Once Loved (2011) ~ ISBN: 9781465930187
A collection of 24 carefully selected poems covering traditional rhyme, non-rhyme and Australian bush verse that offers a reflective and nostalgic look at our not-so-distant past. 18 pages. $0.99 US

Twice Around The Block (2011) ~ ISBN: 9781465890061
A collection of 24 carefully selected poems that follow a theme of changing times and a growing awareness of the world at large, unfolding over the course of a day from sunrise to sunset. 17 pages. $0.99 US

Three Times A Lady (2012) ~ ISBN: 9781466168022
An impressive collection of 20 poems that delights the reader with a three-pronged insight into the love, laughter and the lighter side of relationships that can be found behind closed suburban doors. 17 Pages. $0.99 US

Four Sides to Squares (2012) ~ ISBN: 9781465930187
A collection of 24 honest and at times brutally amusing poems about growing up, growing old and growing a little wiser along the way. This collection delights in being proud of our acceptance of place and purpose in society. 21 pages. $0.99 US

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Currently out-of-print or unavailable


The Long Way Home ~ ISBN: 9781476274232
Doug Small's was always destined to be a good father. However, the 1980's would be a decade of rebuilding his life after his marriage to Rowena ends in failure. For their son Simon, the decade would be one of survival, living with his mother in their home in Gosford, north of Sydney, Australia. Forced to watch helplessly as his mother's life spirals downward into a cycle of depression and violence, Simon becomes aware of a guiding presence in his life. Is this same presence also at work in his father's life, and could it in fact be an Angel guiding both of them towards their destiny?

The Long Way Home tackles the question of why do bad things, happen to good people? It gives us the answer in an endearing way, ensuring the reader that better days are just around the next corner. A fine mix of life inspiring drama with a touch of supernatural gentleness, it is a reminder of how life is a journey leading into a future blinded by endless possibilities, and how sometimes it is waiting to lead us the long way home. 492 pages. Currently unavailable

A Walk Before Sunrise ~ ISBN: 9781310396793
When Neil Phillips arrives home early from a business presentation to discover his fiancee of only three weeks in bed with his boss, it unleashes an amusing run of bad luck that ultimately lands him in the small town of Lighthouse Bay. While trying to salvage his career in the face of a relationship gone bad, and on two weeks enforced vacation before accepting a transfer to a new position in California, Neil meets a gorgeous waitress named Lorraine and falls suddenly in love. But how soon is too soon to move on from a broken engagement? And when will the single mother reveal that she has a fifteen year old daughter? With the help of his newly befriended Police Officer buddy Luke and the town's dread-locked theorist Anton, Neil must decide where he wants this surprise new relationship to send him before the sun sets on their brief romance forever. Welcome to Lighthouse Bay, where laughter, love and second chances are just a sunrise away. 304 pages. Currently unavailable

Both books planned for a full re-release in 2020