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  • Other Side of 40: A chest-wax celebration (4.7K+ views)
  • Adding some local flavour: Finding Book Tour sponsorship (2.8K+ views)
  • Central: Sydney's Hallowed Railway Station (1.5K+ views)
  • Maydena: Rail-track riding in Tasmania (1.2K+ views)
  • Glenreagh: Ghosts of railways past (1.1K+ views)
  • Byron Bay: Australia's most easterly point (900+ views)
  • Coffs Harbour: fish, chips and trains (800+ views)
  • Lismore: The Late Night Limited (700+ views)
  • Murwillumbah: Going bananas over Trains (600+ views)
  • Coonabarabran: Rails to the Warrumbungles (600+ views)

  • Here's the guide to my entire back catalogue of postings

    This was the theme that inspired most of what you read on this blog. Feeling burned out after finishing a fourth novel in a writing career that soon turned sour, my wife encouraged me to write about what I was passionate about. For me, that has always been trains, from growing up in Gosford, through to moving north to Brisbane where I married my wife Denise. This blog ultimately inspired me to write a new range of books while visiting places from Ardglen to Zig Zag, and in between travelling to New Zealand to go railcruising in Rotorua. I've even discovered places such as Mooloolah's old railway tunnel only a short distance from where I live. In all I wrote 100 articles, which is way too much to list here. click to read more...

    Its no secret that I like to travel. Who doesn't? While there are many times where I head off with my wife and family simply to switch off, there are some holidays where I've returned home so inspired by the places I've been and things that I've seen, that I just had to blog about it. From Hamilton Island to Byron Bay, and even across to the shaky islands of New Zealand, and I've only just begun. click to read more...

    We all have our own share of gripes with this world, and being a writer doesn't necessarily exclude you from saying "good grief" at the actions of others, (and sometimes my own). From feeling ripped off by drug cheats in sport, to relief that the world did not end in 2012, and even celebrating my own 40th birthday by getting a full chest-wax it's one big crazy world, fuelled only by the actions of crazy individuals. click to read more...

    Over the years I've shared many posts on my experience as a writer and Indie author. From organising a 6,197 km long book tour, to a Guinness Book of World Records attempt, not only did I explain what worked for me, but I also shared what turned out to be just a complete waste of time and money! So what is my secret? I'll let you be the judge of that. click to read more...